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Thank you for visiting our website and clicking through to find out more about us.

​I first started retailing sterling silver jewellery over 20 years ago whilst raising my four sons. I love the personal touch and have always retailed via direct sales straight to my clients by post or via the much loved back then, Party Plan which is when friends and family invite a few friends over to their home and host a presentation. Their guests would then have the opportunity to purchase their favourite piece of jewellery from the comfort of their home whilst enjoying a great social evening.​

My children are much older now and times have changed with the development of the internet and social media, I decided to launch my collection online. Albeit from time to time and when it’s appropriate I will always love meeting new people and sharing my collection face to face.​

My Exclusive Collection of meaningful Jewellery has been designed from my heart to adorn you with inspiration, courage and love. Each piece has a significant meaning to which many women can relate. and they also make the perfect significant gift!  

​Have a great day!

Andrea x

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